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Outlook Personal Assistant 1

1282 times downloaded

Outlook Personal Assistant (PA) is the Microsoft Outlook Add-in which acts.

PCS SerialMail Assistant 2

1199 times downloaded

Creating and sending e-mails in connection to MS-Outlook.

Display Assistant

148 times downloaded

Allow you to see your slides and notes while the audience sees the slide show.

Text Editing Assistant

134 times downloaded

Clever tools to assist your text editing work.

Address Assistant

193 times downloaded

Helps you split cells containing street addresses, cities, states, and zip codes

Colored Cells Assistant

68 times downloaded

For Microsoft Excel adds a feature that is missing in Excel.

The Spreadsheet Assistant

143 times downloaded

A Microsoft Excel add-on that adds toolbars, menu commands.

Retail Store Scheduling Assistant

155 times downloaded

This program will ,monitor and manage your employees schedules.

TLD Assistant

131 times downloaded

TLD Assistant allow you to manage and register you domains.

Mediafile Assistant

153 times downloaded

Powerful yet easy to use Audio, Video and Image Viewer/Player/Converter/Browser/