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GAIA TidyMail

204 times downloaded

Remove unwanted (">") characters from your e-mails.


955 times downloaded

This program replaces characters in a file with other characters of yourchoosing


190 times downloaded

Text2PNG converts text to high quality PNG image.

textHelp ScreenReader

161 times downloaded

ScreenReader is an easy to use text to speech program to help everyone.


139 times downloaded

Convert your normal English text to 'jive', 'texan', or 'valley girl' slang text


174 times downloaded

Shows/changes comment of file/folder from contextual menu


183 times downloaded

TNCTERM is a packet terminal program that enables text to be sent and receive...


102 times downloaded

With SpeakToText 2.0 you can dictate and copy text to almost any application.

Anglify for Linux

151 times downloaded

Anglify is a program that attempts to translate non-English text to English.


132 times downloaded

iYak is a TTS ("Text To Speech") application with an emphasis on portability.

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