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Christians Screen Saver

244 times downloaded

Christians Screen Saver shows a series of religious pictures.

Snap CO2 Saver

228 times downloaded

CO2 Saver is a lightweight program that manages your computer's power usage.

Moon Screen Saver 1

211 times downloaded

A screen saver of a animated winking spinning moon that moves about the screen

Snowflake Screen Saver

208 times downloaded

Snowflake Screen Saver is an animated screen saver that features stunning ima...

Astroplanets Screen Saver 1

201 times downloaded

Real 3D screensaver.

Yum Candy Screen Saver 1

200 times downloaded

This is a screen saver of brightly color candy disc falling from above.

Exploding Polygons Screen Saver

200 times downloaded

Designed in the classic Windows' style, ExplodingPolygons

Collision Screen Saver

197 times downloaded

It showing colorful moving spheres and a cute Ball Colliding with one.

ScreenShotHost Saver

195 times downloaded

upload a screenshot straight to the web without any 10-step process

Waiter Screen Saver 1

193 times downloaded

A screen saver of waiters hands carrying beers on trays across the screen.