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PICSaver Screen Saver

167 times downloaded

An original end-user Screen Saver product for displaying your own personal co...

Clipboard Saver

182 times downloaded

You can save and change the contents of your clipboard in different ways easily.

xCAT - KaZaA Saver

153 times downloaded

This program enables you to only run KaZaA when your computer is idle.

Life Saver

139 times downloaded

Life Saver is a high quality iconset

Screenshot Saver

156 times downloaded

Screenshot Saver is a free utility

Registry Saver

136 times downloaded

make backups of your Windows registry and stores them in directories.

Silverthorne Shipping Saver for eBay

140 times downloaded

Reduce shipping costs with multi-carrier rate comparison and shipping software.

Mobile Saver

157 times downloaded

Compute and determine the cheapest mobile phone plan.

Beep Saver

159 times downloaded

Eliminates the beeps when Apple's Energy Saver wakes a sleeping monitor.

Snap CO2 Saver

228 times downloaded

CO2 Saver is a lightweight program that manages your computer's power usage.