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LJFluid2D Model

225 times downloaded

shows a system of particles via the Lennard-Jones potential.

STP Monte Carlo Pi Model

155 times downloaded

The program is distributed as a ready-to-run Java archive.

Investment Valuation Model

127 times downloaded

Valuation model of companies.

DCF model

269 times downloaded

Basic excel template useful for starting a DCF model.

Due Diligence Assessment Model

148 times downloaded

Assessment of new business ventures across ten different dimensions.

LBO Model

255 times downloaded

Excel model for leveraged buy-outs.

Financial Model

174 times downloaded

A nice clean financial model driven by different calculators.

Production Mix Model Excel 20

165 times downloaded

This model calculates the Product or Service Mix that maximizes overall profi...

E O Q Model

196 times downloaded

Simple Inventory Models for calculating Economic Order Quantity.

3D Model Builder Geometry Pack

156 times downloaded

The first course, 3D Graphics 101, teaches core concepts and develops core skill