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188 times downloaded

Unicode-enabled checksum tool for comparing files using CRC32, MD5, SHA1...


120 times downloaded

FileAlyzer is a tool to analyze files that allows a basic analysis of files.

MD5 Calculator

206 times downloaded

Calculate the MD5 digest of any file directly from the context menu

FastSum Standard Edition

135 times downloaded

Check the integrity and track changes within your important files


138 times downloaded

MD5 ActiveX allow you generate a MD5 string from text or file in your project.


181 times downloaded

An extremely fast utility for your files integrity control.

JSummer java

144 times downloaded

JSummer is a platformindependent, open source tool to compute and check MD5, MD4, MD2, SHA-160, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, RIPEMD128, RIPEMD160, WHIRLPOOL, TIGE


104 times downloaded

LittleLite LLMd5Sum is a simple md5sum generator with SHA1 and MD5 support.


126 times downloaded

A fast and easy-to-use calculator that allows to compute message digests.