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Local Area Messaging

160 times downloaded

Finds the lan clients and communicates through the lan.

Verbal Area Messenger

141 times downloaded

Verbal Area Messenger can send instant messages online and offline!


133 times downloaded

Extracts graph values, distances, areas, angles, color values from graphics.


194 times downloaded

Advanced screen capture software.

Animated Chart

156 times downloaded

generates animation charts as movies in Adobe (Macromedia) Flash™ format


170 times downloaded

Easy to use .NET gauge and charting controls for Windows Forms applications.

Taskbar Classic Start Menu

139 times downloaded

Get a classic Start Menu in Windows 7 system notification area.

US Town by ZIP Reference for Smartphones

138 times downloaded

US Postal Codes reference for for Windows Mobile<sup>?/sup> smartphones

Mega Mensuration

191 times downloaded

Mega Mensuation is designed for the teaching and learning of mensuration.

Unit Mate

52 times downloaded

Converter for Measurement units and the most up-to-date.