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Affordable software for analyzing web site traffic. Detailed statistic reports.


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Create and deploy soft thin clients, utilizing ordinary office PCs as clients.


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Mini-Server has also turned out to be a useful little http web server.

Sooper Pak II

165 times downloaded

A modified gamex86.dll and configuration program for Quake2.


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KLog is our Win32 implementation of *nix syslog daemon to support remote logging


176 times downloaded

Monitor your servers. Receive outage notifications and generate summary reports

PTS TracerPlus Wireless Server

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Go Wireless with TracerPlus and TracerPlus Wireless Server.

SearchHound Counter

140 times downloaded

Website traffic and referrer counter. Dynamic tool which measures site traffi...

Delimited File Source

173 times downloaded

A simple SSIS component for reading delimited flat file data.


56 times downloaded

uses firewall tunneling to connect to your JDBC-compatible database