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161 times downloaded

LogFileManager is a total IIS logfile management solution. It reads logfiles.


160 times downloaded

A change and configuration management solution for your network devices.


179 times downloaded

Xlpd is an LPD (Line Printer Daemon) application for MS Windows platforms.

Site Test Center

175 times downloaded

Testing software for Web Sites, Web Applications and Web Services.

SNTP Clock Synchronization Service

185 times downloaded

This is an SNTP time synchronization client/server NT service.

ActiveServer Component

66 times downloaded

The ActiveServer Component is a complete, full-featured web server


165 times downloaded

It is a standalone Windows GUI tool designed to manage multiple local.

ShutdownPlus Rolling Restart

185 times downloaded

It automatically logs off users and restarts terminal servers.

Daily Accounts Cloud Server

45 times downloaded

A Multitier Accounting Application Server for Windows!


76 times downloaded

Conventional continuous integration (CI) server, also provides Build Telemetry.