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Access multiple online accounts with single master password.

Nuclear Password Storage

183 times downloaded

Nuclear Password Storage is a safe password storage utility.


174 times downloaded

SafeTok is a low cost, easy-to-learn-and-use AES256 encryption solution.


164 times downloaded

Add password protect for html file


161 times downloaded

TigerCrypt is a tool to encrypt / decrypt files. It has a GUI.

Mars Encapsulator

220 times downloaded

Encrypt and decrypt files: fast, secure, safe. Encryption program using the ...

ChinCrypt for linux

163 times downloaded

ChinCrypt is a small and easy to use textmode programme for crypting data


115 times downloaded

MavorsGuard - PHP Encode , Protection & Obfuscation. Protect PHP source code.


151 times downloaded

Encrypt and hide any confidential file into a common file such as image,wav,exe


180 times downloaded

Logicrypt enables you to encode, decode, shred, create Self-Decrypting EXEs.