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Encrypting Safe

334 times downloaded

This is free Java desktop application to keep your note in safe.

Stef Walter Lock

283 times downloaded

That locks the display on a Windows 2000 or XP machine

AnyEncrypt Free Edition 2006

300 times downloaded

AnyBackup Free Edition is a really free software.


373 times downloaded

Hide any kind of file in a jpeg image of your choice


321 times downloaded

SecureText uses a 2048 bit cipher to encrypt/decrypt messages.


226 times downloaded

CryptoSidekick is designed to make common encryption tasks easy.


502 times downloaded

Your Personal MEGA bit Encryption system.


259 times downloaded

Just double click, WitchFile will safeguard the rest.


320 times downloaded

Encoding and decoding text that is in the ROT13 format.


387 times downloaded

An image viewer with embedded strong encryption support.