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Safety policy

How you can protect yourself

-Utilize antivirus software
There are many antivirus packages available and Brothersoft provides kinds of antivirus software for free trail download and buy. Please do use antivirus software and keep it updated for your PC safety.

· Use a firewall
No Internet connection is safe without one. Firewalls are necessary even if you have a dial-up Internet connection - it takes only minutes for a non-firewalled computer to be infected. You may download firewall programs to protect your PC from various internet attacks.

· Install security patches
Vulnerabilities in software are constantly being discovered and they don't discriminate by vendor or platform. It's not simply a matter of updating Windows; at least monthly, check for and apply updates for all software you use.

· Don’t install unauthorized software
If you find that a software package is needed, please request it through proper channels and do not download from sites you are not familiar with. Before installing, do please scan the file with your antivirus program.