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115 times downloaded

Remove unused files from your hardrive - make your system running like new

Open RegEdit

74 times downloaded

Open RegEdit (the Registry Editor) and goes straight to the Key you want

SSE Setup

101 times downloaded

a full-featured program installer and uninstaller


176 times downloaded

Cleans unnecessary files, registry keys and traces of where you have been.


212 times downloaded

Create setup files fitted for any type of project.

eInstall program

180 times downloaded

Creating installation programs of your application.

VAI InstallSpy

159 times downloaded

Create a Windows Installer Package (MSI-file) for all you legacy setup programs.

Regicon Control

137 times downloaded

Take advantage of the Windows Registry with Mabry's RegiCon control.


151 times downloaded

WebRainbow is Web server independent CGI object for VB 6, 5, and 32-bit VB 4....


169 times downloaded

ObjMon allows you to monitor kernel object activity in real time.