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143 times downloaded

Spam Nullifier (FREE) keeps junk mails out of your inbox, stops spam.

Flow Ruler for Outlook

154 times downloaded

Flow Ruler allows you to automatically organize your inbox eliminate spam.

TZ Anti Spam Filter

160 times downloaded

It is the best solution to fight the spam mails in your email accounts.

No More Spam

70 times downloaded

The 100% effective spam fighting tool for everyone


177 times downloaded

Spamatak improves the more emails it processes.


190 times downloaded

Make writing invites a breeze with this quality e-mail utility!

Priya Jaipal Email Extractor

219 times downloaded

A simple tool for getting mail addresses and exporting them into a CSV document.

NetMail Merge

138 times downloaded

NetMail Merge is similar to mail merge in Word Report Builde.

Sendmail for Lotus Notes

111 times downloaded

A simple DOS-Box (W32) command line mail program to send mails using Lotus Notes

MySQL for Outlook Express

167 times downloaded

Connect Outlook Express to a MySQL Database with Reports, Upload and Download