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WinZen Lite

130 times downloaded

Desktop layout manager.

PerspecX Lite

112 times downloaded

Its sole function is to correct unwanted perspective distortion in images.

Shorts Lite 3

143 times downloaded

Modify your Windows shortcut settings.

AlphaXP Lite

185 times downloaded

Change a window's transparency with a customizable keyboard shortcut.

Sqirlz Lite

169 times downloaded

Sqirlz Lite is fully-working freeware, is a simplified version of the Sqirlz.

Airy Secrets Lite

156 times downloaded

It is freeware, but reduced to five passwords at maximum.

FreeRAM XP Lite

103 times downloaded

Freeware to free and optimize your computer's RAM

CKM keylogger Lite

117 times downloaded

Each keystroke logging, recording programs' launches, visited web-sites

KioWare Lite

171 times downloaded

Deploy a web application to a kiosk and add a whole host of kiosk features.

Personal Desk Lock Lite

153 times downloaded

Personal Desk Lock is your solution for parental control software.