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196 times downloaded

Simple Java bot, it send message to every text field.

Groopz E-Commerce

262 times downloaded

Groopz E-Commerce allows you to provide live support to site visitors.


199 times downloaded

SqIRC is light IRC client written in java, with script control and plugin!


197 times downloaded

PJIRC is a very complete Java IRC Client.

Brik for Instant Messaging

140 times downloaded

Encrypts your instant messaging session when using AIM

XDE Spell Checker

216 times downloaded

XDE's Spell Checker Server may be installed on NT IIS and Unix derivatives.

upCast For Java

134 times downloaded

upCast enables you to use Microsoft Word as an authoring application for XML.

Saffron - Chatterbox

150 times downloaded

A Chat application for LAN programmed in JAVA ( socket programming ).


190 times downloaded

A Java Program for Manual Object Tracking.

DS FadeToFire

126 times downloaded

This applet can show a FadeToFire effect between any images.