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Matchstick Mania

172 times downloaded

A piece of software to play and design your own Matchstick Puzzles.


244 times downloaded

Helps my mother (and others) keep track of what application is frontmost.

tdf Chores

362 times downloaded

Chores checklist to help with getting their children to do their chores.


54 times downloaded

Who is saying what in chat rooms, emails, or Instant Messaging

Breakout Note Cracker HN

161 times downloaded

A real computer game (Points, Lives, Hi-score, etc.) to learn music the fun way!

JiLetters for Linux

120 times downloaded

Help young children to learn letters of the alphabet (western).


186 times downloaded

This Cute Babycountdown, counts down to your due date.

KeyWack X for Linux

193 times downloaded

KeyWack is a game for babies who like to sit at computer and bang the keyboard.

Esthers Playhouse

157 times downloaded

Esther's Playhouse is a fun and educational game for kids.

The MagicBook

306 times downloaded

The MagicBook is an electronic coloring book with a twist!