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171 times downloaded

A Win32 NES emulator written in C w/inline ASM.


172 times downloaded

C# Object Oriented Database Management System.


152 times downloaded

WinIndent is user interface for indent. Beautify C/C++ sources comfortably.

Bushido Sigfig DLL

223 times downloaded

A FREE Win32 Scientific Math DLL for Windows 9X and Windows NT.

OODBC for unix

107 times downloaded

Object adapter for ODBC


155 times downloaded

A C++ class that gets information on and manages Windows services.

LMD-Tools for CBuilder 3

156 times downloaded

LMD Tools 5.X is a collection of 236 native VCL components.


201 times downloaded

A small, easy to install tool that you can use to count lines of c/c++ code

OODBC for windows

190 times downloaded

Object adapter for ODBC


198 times downloaded

Give your .NET Windows applications and controls resolution independence.