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124 times downloaded

A simple date calculator.


190 times downloaded

CompPad provides live mathematical and engineering calculations.

24 Hour Time Calculator

135 times downloaded

It’s a decent time-tracking tool for hourly workers.

Chicago Option Pricing Calculator

155 times downloaded

The Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model made easy.

MayBells Job Pricer 2000

182 times downloaded

Set your prices to stay in business and make a profit.

Spoke Length Calculator

344 times downloaded

Calculates spoke lengths for wire spoked wheels

ABF Value Converter

159 times downloaded

A powerful measurement units converter and math calculator

LMTD Calculator

221 times downloaded

Log Mean Temperature Difference calculator.

GaX SEER Calculator

181 times downloaded

GaX SEER Calculator will calculate seasonal energy efficiency ratio.

Home Budgeting Calculator

145 times downloaded

Calculate your mortgage payment along with your budgeting.