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190 times downloaded

A Java Program for Manual Object Tracking.

Wire Worm

258 times downloaded

Help you remove wires and other unwanted objects from your images.


160 times downloaded

StackMeasure is a plugin for the ImageJ image analysis platform.

Enhancer HD

170 times downloaded

Give your photos a bit of lift but using levels and sharpening.


180 times downloaded

tBDW is a scriptable interface for Project Dogwaffle.

32 Float

132 times downloaded

32 Float is the first fully featured 32-bit color editing plug-in for Adobe PS.

Merge Layers

190 times downloaded

Merge Layers will merge unlocked layers into a single layer.

Custom PDF Export

174 times downloaded

Adobe Indesign document to PDF, JPG, EPS, SVG, and more.


174 times downloaded

If you are always wondering how large you can print your images.

SmartUnfold For Inventor

162 times downloaded

Unfold surface from 3D to 2D in autoCAD.