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RE Flex Combustion Plugin

176 times downloaded

RE:Flex creates visually stunning morphs and warps.

Proper VJ

210 times downloaded

Adobe InDesign plug-in for vertical justification.

CFS3 SceneDB

271 times downloaded

Program to let users of CFS3 add and remove addon scenery.

UV Template Bitmap Exporter

186 times downloaded

Exports UV Templates in TGA file format for each object in the scene.

Photo Film

241 times downloaded

Six different types of photographic film and print effects.

Nero PiP EffectPack 1

288 times downloaded

A Set of 66 Picture-in-Picture effect templates for creating amazing overlays.


143 times downloaded

Creating shadow effects.


232 times downloaded

Command for quick preffix or suffix addition.

Power Headers

192 times downloaded

An option to base headers on paragraph style, character style, or both.


59 times downloaded

IrfanPaint is an open-source plug-in that adds painting features to IrfanView.